Stowaways in Brazil – practical guidance and statistical review

28/10/2016 - 9:18 | Author: Proinde

As dedicated commercial correspondents and marine surveyors serving P&I clubs and other marine insurance providers in Brazil for more than forty years, we have acquired extensive expertise in handling shipboard stowaway incidents.

Based on hands-on experience, we prepared this handbook with an overview on how stowaways are generally processed in Brazil, the applicable legal regime and the liabilities involved along with practical advice on measures to be taken by the shipmasters and operators to conform to the relevant norms and regulations and bring the cases to a successful resolution. It includes a statistical review of data pulled from files on stowaway incidents our offices attended to on behalf of ship operators and P&I insurers in the past ten years.

We hope it is useful as a practical guidance to the shipmasters and operators and as a source of information to assist P&I liability insurers in identifying trends and loss prevention opportunities.

Whenever a stowaway is discovered on board, the Master must always promptly inform the shipowners and the P&I club or correspondent to obtain specific, timely advice on actions to be taken to best manage the situation.

Download the complete document here

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