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11010-071 – Santos-SP – Brazil

Telephone +55 13 4009 9550

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  • Imbituba
  • Itajaí/Navegantes
  • Itapoá
  • Paranaguá
  • Piaçaguera (Santos)
  • Santos
  • São Francisco do Sul
  • São Sebastião

Office Hours
Our offices are open Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Any matter requiring attention outside office hours should be communicated to our after-hours numbers. In case of communication difficulties, please contact our Rio de Janeiro office.

After Office Hours
Carlos Augusto +55 13 997 971694
Mauricio Alves +55 13 997 506654
Ricardo Martins +55 13 997 626626
Rodrigo Nascimento +55 13 982 183965
Rogerio Martins +55 13 996 407097

Time Zone
BRT (Brasilia Time) = UTC/GMT -3 hours


  • Assuranceforeningen Gard (Gard P&I)
  • British Marine
  • Carina P&I
  • China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association (China P&I)
  • EF Marine
  • Hanseatic Underwriters
  • International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd. (ITIC)
  • The Japan Ship Owners’ Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association (Japan P&I)
  • The Korea Shipowners’ Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association (Korea P&I Club)
  • Lodestar Marine
  • The London Steamship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association Ltd. (London Club)
  • Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club (NNPC)
  • The North of England P&I Association Ltd.
  • The Standard Steamship Owners’ P&I Association (Bermuda) Ltd. (Standard Club)
  • The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) Ltd.
  • Through Transport Mutual Insurance Association Ltd. (TT Club)
  • The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (Bermuda) Ltd. (UK P&I Club)
  • The West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association (Luxembourg)


Our Staff



| Director - Senior Claims Executive

Office: +55 13 4009 9551
Mobile: +55 13 997 971694

Started in the shipping business in 1969 as a boarding clerk in a traditional shipping agency owned by a British family in Santos, having subsequently managed the agency’s claims department until 1975, when he moved to Rio de Janeiro to start his career in P&I business as office manager of a correspondent firm in that port. In 1978, Carlos returned to Santos to take the same position at a competing firm, Proinde. He holds a Law degree and regularly participates in papers and debates with law and business administration students. Deals with all types of P&I, H&M and FD&D matters having attained extensive expertise in his 45 years as a professional correspondent dealing with pollution and high profile casualties in Brazil. He also assists our principals in their education and marketing strategies in the country.

Direct email:


Management & Claims Handling

| Managing Director - Senior Claims Executive

Office: +55 13 4009 9552
Mobile: +55 13 997 626626

Following the company’s policy of recruiting staff at an early age, he was admitted in 1987 as an apprentice and later worked as an in-house surveyor. After taking training as a correspondent in leading P&I clubs in Norway and England, he became a partner in 1995. A qualified container surveyor, he is a Law graduate and handles all types of P&I, H&M and FD&D claims. Ricardo is responsible for coordinating the company’s loss prevention initiatives and publications.

Direct email:


Claims Handling & Operations

| Director - Claims Executive and Head of Operations

Office: +55 13 4009 9553
Mobile: +55 13 997 506654

Joined the company in 1993 after reading two years of Mechanical Engineering. Graduated in Business Administration and Law, he oversees the loss prevention exercises and retains particular expertise in the handling of personal injury cases. Appointed partner in 2008.

Direct email:


Claims Handling & Operations

| Claims Executive - Operations Assistant

Office: +55 13 4009 9555
Mobile: +55 13 99640 7097

Since 1995, when he joined as a cargo surveyor, Rogerio handles a variety of cargo claims, particularly in the container and car trades, and also assists the loss prevention staff. Rogerio is responsible for the company’s IT initiatives, including the development of the office databases and the maintenance of this website.

Direct email:


Claims Handling & Operations

| Claims Executive - Operations Manager

Office: +55 13 4009 9554
Mobile: +55 13 98218 3965

Rodrigo holds a certificate in Ship Operations by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, a degree in Logistics and post-graduation in Maritime Law. After few years of living in the UK, he returned to Brazil in 2009 and joined a shipping agency in Santos, where he worked as a Boarding Clerk and later as the Operations Manager, prior to joining Proinde in 2017. He handles P&I claims and assists in the management of the loss prevention services performed by the Operations team.

Direct email:


Claims Handling & Operations

| Assistant Claims Executive

Office: +55 13 4009 9557

Graduated in Business Administration with a specialization in Foreign Trade, Gabriela holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Agribusiness and a post-graduation in Maritime Law. She worked for traditional trading companies before joining Proinde in 2017 to assist the Operations and Claims departments.

Direct email:


Finance & Human Resources

| Financial Analyst

Office: +55 13 4009 9559

Cauê is graduated in Business Administration and worked for four years as a Finance Assistant for a liquid bulk terminal operator and other three years as a Finance Analyst in the regional headquarters of a major shipping line before joining in 2018 to manage the company’s finances and human resources.

Cauê has a degree in Business Administration and worked for four years as a Financial Assistant for a liquid bulk terminal operator and other three years as a Financial Analyst in the regional headquarters of a major container shipping line before joining in 2018 to manage the company’s finances and human resources.

Direct email:


Finance & Accounting

| Financial Analyst

Office: +55 13 4009 9557

Graduated in Journalism, Isabela worked for a traditional shipping agency in Santos as an Import Assistant and later lived for three years in Canada. She returned to Brazil in early 2019 to join Proinde where she manages our billing and accounting systems and supports the claims team.



| Cargo Surveyor

Office: +55 13 4009-9564

Simpson was born in Canada and joined the office in 1996 and following a stint in the hotel industry he returned to the firm in 2005 to join the loss prevention team dedicated to surveys on steel products and agricultural commodities.



| Cargo Surveyor

Office: +55 13 4009-9563

Daniel joined in 2010 following eight years of experience as a cargo loading controller and tally clerk in a major steel refinery port terminal. He conducts loss prevention surveys with the Operations’ team and is responsible for the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents (CIPA) of the company.



| Cargo Surveyor

Office: +55 13 4009 9562

He holds a degree in Logistics and has previously worked as a port tally clerk and port operation technician before joining our Operations Department in 2017 to conduct cargo surveys in steel and agricultural commodities.



| Cargo Surveyor

Office: +55 13 4009 9565

Kennedy joined Proinde’s Operations team in 2018 after acquiring substantial expertise as a cargo inspector for internationally-recognised commodity certification and inspection companies. He holds an associate degree in Logistics and is post-graduated in Foreign Trade and International Business.



| Administration Manager

Office: +55 13 4009 9558

She is a graduated journalist and was admitted in the firm in 1986. Sandra is responsible for the office day-to-day administration and provides secretarial services to the company’s management.



| Receptionist

Office: +55 13 4009 9550

Alexia joined Proinde as an apprentice in 2017 and manages the reception desk. She assists in the office administration and case filing systems.

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